The Buick MacKane Band is a hard-driving, '80's Rock, Southern Rock, Rock, Funk and Country band. We cover tunes from AC/DC to ZZ Top and everything in between. We also cover today’s top hits!

Donnie Basham & Jody Isaacs have been playing together since 1987. They were originally in a band called Zavior, and along with several guitarists, played well into the 90's, opening for national acts such as XYZ and Saigon Kick.

At that time, music had turned to the country side, and the band decided to adapt or bust. They reformed into Iron Horse, Wild Horses, then settled on Steal Horses. Steal Horses became a local favorite, and went thru several lineup changes over the years. Steal Horses enjoyed a long run and opened up for national acts such as George Jones, Bellamy Brothers, David Allan Coe, Leroy Parnell, and Mark Chestnutt.

The Buick MacKane Band came into being after the original bassist and original drummer (Jody Isaacs) of Steal Horses left that band. They reunited with the original lead vocalist of Steal Horses (Donnie Basham), who had just returned from a recording stint with Silver Wing Records in Nashville, and a Zavior guitarist to do some recording. After a short time, Jody left. The band went thru several drummers and continued to gain momentum on the local level as The Plaztik Pony Band. Recently, after a couple lineup changes, the two original guys find themselves back in the saddle, along with a new guitarist, Wes Cullars, and new bassist, Chris Singleton.

Wes Cullars is a local musician that, when not playing with Buick MacKane or having fun at open-mic nights at local favorite venues, spends a lot of time on studio projects.  His last big recording session was with renowned Shinedown producer and renowned composer, Rick Beato.

Chris Singleton is a local legend in his own right.  Chris has been a permanent fixture on the local music scene for the last 10 years.  Chris was the founding member of the MasterPlan (backup band for Chris Cates) and has been playing with them since 2004.  Chris has been a part of lots of recordings with many artists, covering many genres over the years.  Singleton is also the mastermind behind the Chris Singleton Open Mic Series that has transformed the music communities of Morganton & Hickory, North Carolina.  Truly one of the most talented bassists around, Chris also radiates an incredible vibe of positive energy that is very contagious.  Buick MacKane is proud to have him as “one of our own”!

The Buick MacKane Band is out and playing locally. Come see and hear our new take on things.


The Buick MacKane Band is:

Donnie Basham - Lead & Backing Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, the occasional bad lounge joke

Chris Singleton- Bass, Backing Vocals, ‘Seinfeld’ effects, general bringin’ of da funk!

Jody Isaacs - Drums & Percussion, Backing & Lead Vocals, lotsa noise

Wes Cullars - Lead & Rhythm Guitars, Backing & Lead Vocals, single-handedly bringin’ back flannel and holey jeans